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A full list of our giant sticker collection. All stickers are popular and can be added to your extension as free stickers.

Sticker Mania’s custom stickers are totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re made, shared and remixed by the Sticker Mania fam, so Sticker Mania’s the only place you’ll find them. Oh also? They’re 100% free and ALL up for grabs for you to play with. So what are you waiting for?

Fortnite V-BucksFortnite V-Bucks
Pugsheen with BonePugsheen with Bone
Surprised PatrickSurprised Patrick
Thank God its FridayThank God its Friday
Minecraft TNTMinecraft TNT
Patrick I Have $3Patrick I Have $3
Minecraft Creeper BangMinecraft Creeper Bang
Deltarune Kris with SwordDeltarune Kris with Sword
This Is FineThis Is Fine
Bacon Soup BendyBacon Soup Bendy
Autumn PusheenAutumn Pusheen
Google Kenny MapsGoogle Kenny Maps
Minecraft Villager HuhMinecraft Villager Huh
Ink Bendy vs the ProjectionistInk Bendy vs the Projectionist
Plants vs Zombies Ducky Tube ZombiePlants vs Zombies Ducky Tube Zombie
Plants vs Zombies JalapenoPlants vs Zombies Jalapeno
Sloth Deal With ItSloth Deal With It
Ghost Rider HeadGhost Rider Head
Eddsworld PowereddEddsworld Poweredd
Undertale TorielUndertale Toriel
Undertale MettatonUndertale Mettaton
Pusheen in School BagPusheen in School Bag
Handsome Squidward DancingHandsome Squidward Dancing
Rick and Morty Open Your EyesRick and Morty Open Your Eyes