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A full list of our giant sticker collection. All stickers are popular and can be added to your extension as free stickers.

Sticker Mania’s custom stickers are totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re made, shared and remixed by the Sticker Mania fam, so Sticker Mania’s the only place you’ll find them. Oh also? They’re 100% free and ALL up for grabs for you to play with. So what are you waiting for?

Award Badge I Got Out Of Bed TodayAward Badge I Got Out Of Bed Today
Breathing SpongebobBreathing Spongebob
Ransom Alphabet Number 6Ransom Alphabet Number 6
Ransom Alphabet Number 5Ransom Alphabet Number 5
Gacha Life LukasGacha Life Lukas
Side Eyeing Chloe MemeSide Eyeing Chloe Meme
Ransom Alphabet Number 4Ransom Alphabet Number 4
Ransom Alphabet Number 3Ransom Alphabet Number 3
Warning Sing God at WorkWarning Sing God at Work
PewDiePie Red LogoPewDiePie Red Logo
Ransom Alphabet Number 2Ransom Alphabet Number 2
Ransom Alphabet Number 1Ransom Alphabet Number 1
Five Nights at Freddys Freddy FazbearFive Nights at Freddys Freddy Fazbear
Obey StarObey Star
Ransom Alphabet Letter ZRansom Alphabet Letter Z
Ransom Alphabet Letter YRansom Alphabet Letter Y
Roblox Noob Head OofRoblox Noob Head Oof
Ransom Alphabet Letter XRansom Alphabet Letter X
Ransom Alphabet Letter WRansom Alphabet Letter W
NASA Logo Not Flat We CheckedNASA Logo Not Flat We Checked
Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1
Ransom Alphabet Letter VRansom Alphabet Letter V
Ransom Alphabet Letter URansom Alphabet Letter U