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A full list of our giant sticker collection. All stickers are popular and can be added to your extension as free stickers.

Sticker Mania’s custom stickers are totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re made, shared and remixed by the Sticker Mania fam, so Sticker Mania’s the only place you’ll find them. Oh also? They’re 100% free and ALL up for grabs for you to play with. So what are you waiting for?

Turn OFF the PartyTurn OFF the Party
Turn ON the PartyTurn ON the Party
Apple Special Event September 2019Apple Special Event September 2019
Raising the Instagram Like FlagRaising the Instagram Like Flag
McDonalds Wi-FiMcDonalds Wi-Fi
Facebook Like HandFacebook Like Hand
Comic Speech Bubble NoComic Speech Bubble No
Comic Speech Bubble YesComic Speech Bubble Yes
Wi-Fi RainbowWi-Fi Rainbow
Twitter Bird with PigeonsTwitter Bird with Pigeons
Pug 404 ErrorPug 404 Error
Terminators Like HandTerminators Like Hand
Low BatteryLow Battery
Captain Chrome BrowserCaptain Chrome Browser
Daenerys Targaryen DerpDaenerys Targaryen Derp
Tyrion Lannister with a CrossbowTyrion Lannister with a Crossbow
Cersei I LannisterCersei I Lannister
Unella with a bellUnella with a bell
Jon SnowJon Snow
Daenerys Targaryen Shows no weaknessDaenerys Targaryen Shows no weakness
Jaime LannisterJaime Lannister
Ramsay BoltonRamsay Bolton
Varys the SpiderVarys the Spider
Petyr BaelishPetyr Baelish