Stickers on the subject of Heroes

Marvel Groot with a mixtapeMarvel Groot with a mixtape
DC comics Harley QuinnDC comics Harley Quinn
DC comics Wonder WomanDC comics Wonder Woman
Marvel Scarlet WitchMarvel Scarlet Witch
Marvel NebulaMarvel Nebula
Marvel Black WidowMarvel Black Widow
Marvel GamoraMarvel Gamora
Marvel Spider-GwenMarvel Spider-Gwen
DC CyborgDC Cyborg
DC SupermanDC Superman
DC The FlashDC The Flash
DC JokerDC Joker
Marvel Yondu UdontaMarvel Yondu Udonta
Marvel Star-LordMarvel Star-Lord
Marvel Rocket RaccoonMarvel Rocket Raccoon
Spider-Man PowerSpider-Man Power
Homer Simpson "Kiss my Yellow Butt!!" stickerHomer Simpson "Kiss my Yellow Butt!!" sticker
Marvel Mustache Iron Man stickerMarvel Mustache Iron Man sticker