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VSCO Girl and Aesthetics

VSCO Girl is a youth subculture that is pretty popular among girls who usually use the photo-editing app VSCO and have a certain set of accessories. Typically, these are hydro flask water bottles, chokers, backpacks, polaroids, etc. That's always something aesthetical, featuring gentle color tones, mostly pink and blue. The VSCO girl appearance is basically just the beachy-cool, laid-back vibe of an effortless California girl. The hashtag of these young people on Instagram, #VSCOgirl, is full of photos of girls who have got the aesthetic, but their photos sum it up the most accurately. In our fanart VSCO Girl and Aesthetics sticker pack, you can find the vibes of this subculture. VSCO Green Lollipop Sticker, VSCO Ocean Wave Heart Sticker, VSCO Girl Sticker, VSCO Girl Positive Vibes Spray Sticker, VSCO Girl Peace Gesture Sticker, Sksksk and I Loop Sticker, Scrunchie Gang Sticker and others can help you in that.
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