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Show us the person who hasn't heard a word about Sanrio universe characters? For sure, everybody has heard since childhood about Hello Kitty, a cute white little cat, but what do you know about Gudetama, a lazy egg that is normally a yolk of a raw egg with a butt crack with a darker yellow color. It has a head with no neck and a body with limbs, but no fingers or toes. Its personality and appearance match its name, as it is a depressed egg. So in the Fan Art Gudetama sticker pack, you meet Gudetama in different roles. Among them is Gudetama in Bacon Blanket Sticker, Gudetama And Goma-chan Sticker, Gudetama One Punch Man Sticker, Gudetama Bye Sticker, Gudetama in Burger Sticker, Gudetama in Avocado Sticker, Gudetama Christmas Deer Sticker, Gudetama Eggcercise Sticker, Gudetama Lies Sticker, Gudetama Takes Cover Sticker, Gudetama On Bread Sticker, Cheek Pinch Gudetama Sticker, Gudetama So What? Sticker and much more are coming.
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