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Super Mario

For sure, everybody has played Super Mario by Nintendo, a side-scrolling game, where the player goes right to get to the flagpole at the end of the level. The plot of the game is pretty simple. Two brothers, Mario, the main character controlled by the player, and Luigi, which is controlled by the second player in the game's mode, is racing through the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat the main villain Bowser and his forces and to save Princess Toadstool, which you can have as Super Mario and Princess Peach Sticker. You can find them in our fanart Super Mario sticker pack as Super Mario Points Finger Up Sticker, Mario Luigi Head Sticker, Super Mario 1-Up Mushroom Sticker, Super Mario Super Mushroom Ice Pop Sticker, Super Mario Banana Peel Sticker, Super Mario Bob-Omb Sticker, Super Mario And Yoshi Sticker, Super Mario Goomba Sticker, Drip Super Mario Mystery Box Sticker, or find him in Super Mario Pocket Mario Sticker, defeat Super Mario Piranha Plant Sticker and Bowser Mario Sticker. And at the end of the game, you can have Super Mario Victory Sticker as your winning trophy.
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