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Among Us is a multiplayer online game in which characters are divided into two types - teammates and impostors. The goal of Impostor is to sabotage the ship, hide and move through the vents, frame and cheat others to kill the crew before the ship returns home. The goal of crew members is to repair their spaceship and find the impostors. In this 2D arcade game, the characters are shown as small humanoids in a spacesuit that can change colors, skins, pets, and hats. In this way, you can enjoy Among Us Egg Sticker, Among Us in Santa Hat Sticker, and Among Us Lime Character Dum Sticker! We have an Among Us sticker pack of game stickers with your favorite humanoid characters, like Among Us Characters Suspects Sticker, Among Us Toilet Paper Hat Vent Sticker, Among Us Tooth Sticker, Among Us Cyan Imposter Sticker, Among Us Gudetama Meh Sticker, and the like!
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